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PhotoTeam special guest: Silvio Silvision Näf 

We met Silvio in Istanbul, during a photo city break. His passion for street photography was obvious and we spend couple of days hanging around Istanbul streets and discovering the street life, so full of interesting people and moments.

Silvio Silvision Näf, PhotoTeam special guest this month, about his work:

“I started around the year 2011/2012 with photography. A friend of mine brought his camera in my music studio. I needed new profile photos of me for a music magazine. Then it went pretty fast. I bought a Nikon D3100 soon. With which I quickly reached the limits. This was followed by a Nikon D800 and different lenses. I went to the street and photographed what was happening around me. I quickly learned people know about Facebook are also looking for in the streets. There was an exchange and intercultural communication very enriching. All I wanted to do is street photography. I sold the D800 (it was to big) and bought with this money a Fujifilm X -T1 with different lenses (all of these are insane!) and a Ricoh GR. I like focal lengths from 20 to 50mm. I got gradually deeper into the maelstrom of photography and began to play with analog technology. With old film cameras and films. I wanted to develop them by myself, so I extended my equipment with chemicals, equipment and everything needed. On streets I like the most the boring scenes. Things that only receive an aesthetic touch when frozen in a photo (a kiss, hands, a face or this kind of stuff). Normal everyday situations which permanently happens to us. Sometimes it happens to cross by different events and so shoot a fantastic picture. This cannot influence from the outside though. Also I like to approach it on people. To respond directly.“



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